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Paisley is my new favorite color

A few years ago when the subject would come up, I would say "plaid is my favorite color" - sort of to be clever, but also because it was true. Grunge, after all, hello...? And I love too many colors to be tied down to just one (pink is on the top of the multi-colored list!).

Paisley, though. A preppy golfer's dream pair of socks, but also, a textile historian's dream print. Paisley originated over 100 years ago, somewhere between present-day Iran and the Kashmiri region straddling the Indian-Pakistani border. Paisley textiles were wool and came in the forms of rugs and shawls, and seen as a sign of affluence.

Today paisley is considered the "world's most democratic print," at least according to this SLATE article entitled, "French Tadpoles and Persian Pickles," which is also the name of my next band. You can view the full article here >