Usability analysis for www.hollislibrary.org has been recorded throughout the Spring 2020 semester and includes research and analysis based on readings and tutorials, storyboard sketches, creating user personas, utilizing the WAVE accessibility tool, and three in-person usability tests.

Results from our analysis conclude that there are inconsistencies throughout the website, including:

  • ADA compliance errors, including low contrast, structural element errors, and missing alternative text

  • Confusing page headings, mislabeled pages

  • Overlapping page information and themes

  • Different design plans for the catalog, main site, and events pages

  • Lack of breadcrumbs or a site navigation tree that lets users know their location and how to get back

  • Too many pages within the top navigation structure, some of those pages could either be combined, eliminated, or added to the template footer.

Basic improvements to page and navigation hierarchies, page titles, an appropriate use of HTML5 headings, and other tweaks to the code to make this ADA compliant would help patrons navigate this website. When users can easily navigate an organization’s website, it builds confidence and trust between the organization and the user (Myers, 2019).